A Little Bit About Me

During the summer of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, I had time to think about my business and how I wanted to develop it. I decided to take what was Sean’s Activity Store in Royal Wootton Bassett’s High Street to a whole new level. In October 2020 I took the bull by the horns – I expanded and opened a bigger, better equipped shop and rebranded it the more aptly named, Bassett Country Sports & Gun Shop.

For me, my vision for the shop has always been to put my 30+ years of shooting experience and knowledge to good use, to open a local shop where customers can come in and browse a wide range of quality products and talk to me in person about the specific type of product they’re after – something you can’t experience with online shopping.

Ordering something online, only to realise when you receive it that it’s nothing like the picture you clicked on, the size you wanted or the quality you were expecting is a pet hate of mine. What I longed for in this area was a shop that I could walk into, look around and talk to someone with experience that could help me make an informed choice. Alas I didn’t discover one so I decided to establish one myself and I hope you like it!

One caveat: Technology is not my friend, that includes emails, so please give me (Sean) a call on 01793 850324 to discuss what I can do for you – or better still, come and visit the shop! We can while away the hours discussing your requirements over a coffee and work out what product will suit you best.