FX Airguns Panthera – .22 PCP Air Rifle


Exceptional rifle from FX Airguns unlike any rifle that FX has made before. The Panthera is a dedicated slug rifle, purpose built with precision competition in mind. The Panthera represents a giant leap forward in PCP airgun design.

The Panthera features a revolutionary new plenum design that sits over and around the barrel providing the barrel with a consistent, regulated & pressurised environment which adds stiffness and makes the Panthera one of the most accurate PCP rifles ever made. This pressure is regulated by an AMP MKII regulator and with the guns ability to precisely control airflow, the constancy of the Panthera is absolutely unmatched.

The Panthera has an adjustable shoulder and cheekpiece and is perfectly weighted for exceptional balance. The Panthera also features a 300cc carbon bottle and adjustable match trigger.

One of the best rifles FX have ever produced and a new leap forward in PCP air rifle design.

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